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Australian Federal Budget 20-21

Federal budget 20-21

Economy As expected this is one of the most stimulatory budgets we have ever seen. Despite the trillion-dollar debt, there’s plenty of good news for many Australians in the  Federal Budget. Broadly, Aussies will get a tax cut and it will be backdated, there’s plenty of concessions for businesses to help with investment and jobs …

How do I Hire the Right Bookkeeper for my Business?


“Outsource your weaknesses.” So says start-up guru, Sujan Patel, when advising small business owners to get outside help for tasks like payroll and bookkeeping. And when you consider that 70% of businesses fail due to poor in-house financial management, Patel’s advice seems spot on. Unfortunately, many small business owners seek to keep costs low by …

JobKeeper 2 – What you need to do

Jobkeeper 2

JobKeeper 2 – Are you Eligible and what you need to do. With the JobKeeper 1 coming to an end on 28th September you will need to check your eligibility for JobKeeper 2 – please refer to our previous article here to check if you are eligible. Firstly, if you are not eligible for JobKeeper …

Cloud Computing – 9 Reasons to Switch

Cloud Computing

Don’t be left up in the air by traditional IT solutions. Check out the top 9 advantages for small businesses switching to cloud computing. Cloud computing is fast becoming the norm because storing information and using software hosted on the Internet has many advantages. 1. Save money Traditionally, a small business spends money licensing software …

Which video conferencing app is right for me?

video conferencing

There’s no denying the importance of face time in our current climate —or the competitive advantage businesses enjoy when they have video conferencing capabilities with colleagues, remote workers, and clients from anywhere in the world. Video conferencing apps increase productivity and save time in innumerable ways. They reduce travel time for business meetings, optimize meeting …

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