Financial wealth and security doesn’t happen by chance. We work hand-in-hand with you to move you towards your goal.

In our work with clients, four main objectives are our guiding principles:

1. Reduce your tax

  • We work closely with you to ensure you have peace of mind about all your financial accounting and taxation needs and that you pay no more tax than is necessary.

2. Improve your cash flow

  • Your business’ future success and your personal saving ability hinges on cash flow. We work with you to make sure that you are maximising your business’ cash flow potential.
  • We work with you to budget your required profitability, monitor key indicators and identify areas for improvement.

3. Grow your assets

  • The ultimate sale of your business can count towards your desired financial goal. Planning to achieve a specific business value allows you to decide (and us to guide you) on which growth strategies need to be implemented.
  • Your business and personal assets form the basis of your path to financial security. We work with you within your business model towards maximising growth.

4. Protect your assets

  • Many things can happen to hinder your ability to reduce your tax, improve cash flow and grow your assets. We work with you to identify and minimise areas of risk and ensure your asset protection measures fit with your plans.
  • Risk lies everywhere in business – from legal vulnerability, risky business decisions, inadequate contingency and succession plans and failure to consider trends. We can help minimise the risks in the event of anything untoward.

Our passion for business planning and our focus on these 4 objectives gives you a solid business strategy, reduces your vulnerability and gives you the competitive edge.

Call us on 08 9387 0000 or email us to arrange a meeting. We can chat about ways to help you develop a solid financial profitability and growth plan


Newcombe Clifton Atkins has been working with individuals and businesses in the Perth community for over 40 years. Beginning as a sole trader practice, NCA has grown into an established firm with a reputation for helping business owners and investors reach their financial goals.