Business Essentials for the New Entrepreneur

Business Essentials for the New Entrepreneur

Thank you to all that attended our “Business Essentials for the New Entrepreneur” seminar on Wednesday night. We had a great turnout and really appreciated the amazing feedback. This seminar was number one in a series of three so if you missed out be sure to sign up to one of our two upcoming events below:

– Setting Financial Goals & Planning for Success (3 July 2019)

– Understand & Evaluate Your Business Through The Power of Business Reporting (4 September 2019)

To RSVP to the above great events please contact Sam Ballantyne on 08 9387 0000 or

Spaces are limited so RSVP now!

Here’s what our clients said about the night:

“I loved the event, and the socialising was an absolute bonus. In my experience, isolation is one of the biggest challenges as a new entrepreneur/startup, and professional, friendly networking events such as yours, are a life-saver. Thank you.”

“Thanks for inviting me to this seminar to help business with structuring their business for  prosperous future.  I learnt heaps. In my books…an expert is one that can make complex into simple.  You guys are obviously experts.”