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Who are we? Newcombe Clifton Atkins has been working with individuals and businesses in the Perth community for over 40 years. Beginning as a sole trader practice, NCA has grown into an established firm with a reputation for helping business owners and investors reach their financial goals

Australian Federal Budget 20-21

Federal budget 20-21

Economy As expected this is one of the most stimulatory budgets we have ever seen. Despite the trillion-dollar debt, there’s plenty of good news for many Australians in the  Federal Budget. Broadly, Aussies will get a tax cut and it will be backdated, there’s plenty of concessions for businesses to help with investment and jobs …

How do I Hire the Right Bookkeeper for my Business?


“Outsource your weaknesses.” So says start-up guru, Sujan Patel, when advising small business owners to get outside help for tasks like payroll and bookkeeping. And when you consider that 70% of businesses fail due to poor in-house financial management, Patel’s advice seems spot on. Unfortunately, many small business owners seek to keep costs low by …

JobKeeper 2 – What you need to do

Jobkeeper 2

JobKeeper 2 – Are you Eligible and what you need to do. With the JobKeeper 1 coming to an end on 28th September you will need to check your eligibility for JobKeeper 2 – please refer to our previous article here to check if you are eligible. Firstly, if you are not eligible for JobKeeper …

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